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Model EE46


  • Radiant Cooling/Chilled Beam
  • Heat Pump Cooling
  • Areas With open freezers/display cases
  • Areas operating in near dew point conditions that wish to avoid physical condensation.


Key Features

  • EE46 condensation monitors are used to monitor the formation of condensation on chilled ceilings and to prevent condensation at critical spots of heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning systems. It is also used as a dewpoint monitor for systems operating near the dewpoint.
  • Incorporates a large thermal mass that can be strapped or taped to the target surface where condensation is a concern. A relay will trip (NC/NO) when the %RH reaches 90% on the surface being monitored.
  • Sensor is coated and protected against environmental contamination and physical water.
  • EE46 condensation monitors can be mounted on walls, ducts and pipes up to 2".

EE46 Condensation Monitor/Switch

  • Working Range:10...100% RH
  • Relay Trip Point: 90 +/-3% RH
  • Relay: current: 1A / voltage: 24V AC/DC
  • Power: 24VAC/VDC



Published: February 16, 2004 Last Updated: May 5, 2013