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The exact monitoring of dew point temperature in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial manufacturing processes is a critical factor in quality control, energy management, safety and maintaining system throughput. The EE dew point sensors utilize a highly reliable design based on a monolithic measurement thin film cell type HMC01, developed by E+E Elektronik. This technology also features an auto-calibration procedure which is integrated in the device that allows for may years of maintenance free operation while maintaining an accuracy of <2C Td (3.6F Td).

All of the EE low dew point sensors offer a wide variety of options making it easy to configure for most any industrial sensing application for low dew points.

Industrial Low Dew Point (To -80C Td)

EE35 Low Dew Point Remote Probe

EE371 Low Dew Point Integrated Probe And Transmitter
EE375 Low Dew Point For OEM Applications

Published: May 22, 2013 Last Updated: May 22, 2013